Artist submissions

While we welcome applications to sell work in our gallery, please note that we DO NOT look at work from people who have walked in off the street. We have a busy gallery and framing workshop and do not have the time to look through everyones portfolios.

Applications can be made by email to Please check the following information before applying.

We do not take on work from overseas based artists and designers, only those based in the UK. Please look carefully at the work we already sell, is your work very similar to something we already have, if so we won't take it? Is your work appropriate for our gallery and shop? (Someone sent us some very explicit paintings to look at once,, a little research first would have shown that we are a family friendly coastal based gallery).

Please include the following in your application.

* Up to six images of your work. Please make sure they are good quality images that reflect current available work. Please do not send massive file sizes.

* A brief biography, include any art/design qualifications and infomation about your work.

* On the wall or retail prices of your work, or an up to date trade price list.

* A list of shops, galleries or online sites through which you already sell your work.

* Your website address, facebook page address and any other social media addresses that you use for your business.

Please note that we receive a large amount of applications every month and take very few new exhibitors/suppliers each year. Many of our suppliers have been with us for over ten years and we have limited space to add more. We will try to reply to you as soon as possible, but this may take a few weeks.